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adidas adiPURE NFHS Top Tring

$39.99 USD

adidas adiPure Training Balls - NFHS Approved
There is a reason that the National Federation of State High School Associations inspects and improves athletic equipment. So when you get a NFHS Soccer Ball, you know it's not just good quality, it's the best quality.

That's where the adidas adiPure™ Top Training NFHS ball comes in. It's FIFA inspected, and passes tests on circumference, weight, rebound, and water absorption. Some of the best qualities come from the high-technology used in creating the ball. The threadless and seamless surface keeps water out of the ball and allows you to make an optimal touch on the ball.

This high quality ball is a must-have for any player playing at the competitive level. It's a great training ball, and it will help you to enhance your technical and tactical skills. Find the adidas adiPure Top Training ball among our selection of adidas Match Soccer Balls today!